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ARMA derives from Architectural Materials, materials for architecture. Arma always suggests the most present materials, from stone to wood, from leather to baked clay, from metal to fabric. Like a well-hardened katana we offer the harshest solutions for projects of interior and exterior design. Our specialization includes: natural stones for interior or exterior application in standard tiles and cut to size, terrazzo tiles, glass and stone mosaic, agglomerates, ceramic tiles, terracotta tiles, wall stucco, high polymer paints for the construction industry, wood floors, artistic glass work and many others architectural materials.

Approximately 50% of our business is to generate and manage direct sales from manufacturing companies to wholesalers all over the world. This facet of our operation keeps us well apprised, on a day to day basis, of the quarries' conditions and the quality of the manufacturers's production. It also provides us with a strong negotiating advantage.

The remaining 50% of our business is comprised of working on the specs together with the architects and the clients and then supplying materials directly to the projects. We recommend the best material for each application, always taking into account budgetary considerations and project schedules. We offer only first quality materials and productions. Our offers and pricing are transparent and straightforward. All the materials we sell are identified by the generic names and all production processes are clearly explained.

The scope of our projects range from cladding of high rises, to lobbies of hotels and buildings, bathrooms and kitchens of hotels and apartments, floors of department stores, exterior plazas, fountains, swimming pools, interiors for boutiques and restaurants and furniture. The size of the budget is never the main criterion that we use to pursue a project; instead the paramount consideration for us is whether the possibility for direct and open dialogue with the client exists, and consequently the conditions for a successful collaboration.
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